Beautiful store with an astounding assortment of antique items, for reasonable prices. Furniture, glassware, cutlery, dishes, fashion accessories, and random knickknacks

Kate H

Really appreciate the quality above quantity approach the new location brings. However not to be outdone by their old larger locations still lots and lots of new stuff coming in to sift through! just really good stuff that sells.


Great antique shop and as good as it's old location. Quality selection and to walk through!

Darcie H

My husband and I love this place! Since they moved it is even better! Their prices are really reasonable and they have a really unique selection of antiques. Lots of local antiques as well! The owner is hilarious and super friendly. We definitely recommend giving them a visit!!!

Rachel R

I love antiques and I can ever seem to walk out of there empty handed. Also great prices. Owner is such a sweetheart!

Nadia P

Awesome antique shop. Love coming here. The staff is cool and friendly and there is so much cool unique stuff to sift through. There is always new things every time I go so it keeps it interesting! the even do sales a lot of the times and i never walk out empty handed

Amanda C

I LOVE THIS PLACE! The people are so friendly, helpful, and happy! It was like walking into a friend's home. I felt comfortable, and appreciated. It WAS NOT like some of those other places where you feel like you are bothering them. To make it so much better, there is this precious puppy there. She is amazing! She greets people, or just sits around. There is nothing better than having a pup to pet and play with to help you enjoy the experience. The store is filled with treasures. There is something for everyone there. Best of all, you make an offer on something, and they will call the seller to see if they will accept it, or get a counter offer. NO PRESSURE! I can't wait to be able to go back. They are open 7 days a week!!! Where else will you find that in a hometown locally owned store?

Marcie N

There are good deals and great things to be had at this cool shop!

Ann V